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Growth Of Communication in CHildren with AuTism (GO CCHAT) aims to map the growth and developments of young children with autism. We will look at how children use and integrate eye gaze, gestures, and vocalizations to gain attention of and communicate with people in their lives through a series of assessments every 3 months until the child turns 3 years old.

Study assessments

Our researchers use play-based assessments during each study visit to evaluate and track your child's language development.

Study Recruitment

The Growth of Communication in Children with Autism study is looking for children ages 18-30 months with a diagnosis of Autism or that are waiting for an Autism evaluation. 

Research Criteria:

Children should be between the ages of 18-30 months and:

  • Have concern for or a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Have normal vision and hearing screenings.
  • Have no major medical or genetic diagnoses. 

For more information click the side bar contact our Project Coordinator Suzanne Martell at martell.s@ku.edu or 785-813-1862.


Small child with brown hair reaches for bubbles while looking at examiner. Examiner has short brown hair and is wearing glasses. She is holding a bubble toy and a small, shallow orange bowl.

Study participant plays with bubbles during an assessment.

Blonde haired child sits in mother's lap while playing with a pink pig hand puppet. Mother has long brown hair and is smiling.

Parent and child are playing with toys during a parent led portion of the study.

Child with brown hair wearing a red shirt, reaches for examiners hand for help opening a snack cup. Examiner has short white hair and is wearing a pink shirt.

Study participant reaches for examiner hand for help during snack time.